Examination and palpation of the cardiac area. Convexity of the heart area (heart hump). The apex thrust, its localization, strength and extent, if there is a description of the cardiac thrust, diastolic and systolic tremor in the pre-cardiac area, epigastric and retrosternal pulsations. Percussion of the boundaries of relative and absolute cardiac dullness (intercostal). Percussion of the vascular bundle at the 1st and 2nd intercostal space on both sides of the sternum. Auscultation at all five listening points of the heart. Strength, character, rhythm, splitting and splitting of tones, accents. Noises: their character (systolic, presystolic, diastolic), localization, strength, timbre, conduction of noises. Change of noises after physical exertion and at change of a body position. Pericardial friction murmur. In addition to the verbal description, draw a "phonocardiogram" defined over all listening points of the heart in the medical history.

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Shape of the thorax, deformity or asymmetry. Condition of intercostal ribs, depression of some parts of the thorax. Type of breathing. State of breathing (uniformity of motion of thorax during breathing, lag of one or another half). Depth, rhythm, frequency of breathing per minute. Dyspnea and its character. Touching ribs, sternum, intercostal ribs (swelling, deformity, painfulness). Vocal trembling on the anterior, lateral and posterior surface (symmetry or amplification on one side). Topographic percussion of the lungs: Percussion definition of the lower border of the pulmonary sound on the left and right along the identification lines.

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Digestive and abdominal system. Examination of the oral cavity and pharynx (tongue, teeth, gums, palate). Abdomen - participation in the act of breathing, shape, symmetry, features of the abdominal skin, bulging of the abdominal wall in certain areas, bloating, hernias, divergence of the rectus muscles, the condition of the navel. Visible peristalsis.

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